Staying On The Rails With The New Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19

Brooks Running recently released a major update to their insanely popular Adrenaline stability trainer. The Adrenaline GTS 19 features an all new and improved stability system that utilizes GuideRail technology to support the gait as opposed to traditional posting. According to Brooks Guru Ben Fleck “Think of it as building the stability around the shoe, instead of the shoe around the stability.”

Generally speaking, the way this works is through a set of two distinct ‘rails’ or support structures positioned at the top of the outsole, near the back of the foot. The rail on the instep being the larger of the two. The rails function is more than what traditional posted stability does in simply ‘propping up’ an over pronating foot. Instead, the foot and leg all the way to the knee has reduced lateral motion and rotation, guided to a center point that reverberates all the way up the body. Here’s a video explaining it further:

As of this writing, we’ve had the Adrenaline 19 GTS in our stores for about a month, and it has proven exceptionally popular in wear tests.

Besides the support overhaul, Brooks has also added a new innovation in cushioning called DNA LOFT. LOFT is the cousin of DNA AMP, which released earlier in models including the Levitate 2 and Ricochet. Where DNA AMP aimed to provide energy return and responsiveness, DNA LOFT is all about providing superior cushioned softness without adding any extra weight.

LOFT combines Brooks’ signature midsole responsiveness with a new tougher blend of EVA foam, making for a more durable and responsive transition on the Adrenaline. Brooks describes it as softness and structure combined. We found the Adrenaline noticeably more plush than previous versions.

Want to see for yourself if the new Adrenaline stacks up? We think you’ll love it when you visit us for a fitting at any of our 5 locations. Already have a pair? Let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!