Saucony Guide ISO 2 and Triumph ISO 5 Up Close

Saucony has recently updated two of its most popular ISOFIT models. The tech’s been around a few years but keeps improving upon its goals of a secure fit that moves perfectly with the foot during the stride. The Triumph is Saucony’s go-to premium cushion shoe, now on a 5th version with ISOFIT. The latest version of the light stability Guide is on a 2nd version featuring ISO. We’ve recently had both shoes arrive in store and thought we’d give you the low down.

The new generation of Triumph (those with ISOFIT) have achieved a great fit using Everun, Saucony’s patented layer of top sole cushion right up against the foot that adapts dynamically to your foot’s pressure points. For the ISO 5, Saucony added 2mm of additional Everun for even more comfort inside the shoe and coupled that with Formfit – a cradle inside the shoe that hugs the foot securely for a nice transition.

Also now woven into the ISOFIT upper is engineered Jacquard mesh – a more breathable fabric to help keep the foot cool and locked in. The outsole has now also has some additional durability with added layer of crystal rubber to the high contact areas, including the high wear areas at the back of the heal and outer fronts where lugs are now connected for increased strength.

The Triumph ISO 5 weighs in at 11.4oz for men and 10oz for women’s models and has a 8mm offset (drop). Check out this video for an even more detailed look at the Triumph ISO 5

Saucony’s other recent update is the second version of the Guide to have ISO – the Guide ISO 2. The focus here is on maintaining comfort while still supporting the foot with stability the Guide has become famous for.

Many of the updates (Jacquard mesh weave, crystal rubber out sole and Formfit mid-sole) were also included in the Guide ISO 2. Posting has remained largely consistent with the original Guide ISO, and there is a new addition of an asymmetrical heel wrap that we found does a great job providing a bit of extra support and control on the medial side. Particularly in the Guide we found in fittings that the Formfit does a better job adjusting to a wider range of foot shapes than previous models.

The Guide ISO 2 weighs 10.3oz for men and 9oz for women. An 8mm heel to toe drop remains.

The challenge with shoe updates is always to improve upon a favorite. In other words, maintain the heart and soul of a shoe that runners have come to love and depend on, while making slight adjustments and improvements to common pain points. We think Saucony has knocked it out of the park with these two updates. Fans of these two models will not be disappointed with the updates at all. They are true to form. If these are your go-to shoes, ask to try on a pair next time you’re in, and if you’ve never tried on a Saucony before now is the perfect time!